President greeting

「Intellectual property revolution」

There are excellent technologies and patents in Japan which should be proud in the world.
The high quality thereof is as evaluated in the world.

However, lately there occurs one after another, the case examples of the copy damage, spill of the technology, or unexpected cautionary notice, litigation.
This tendency is expected to be further accelerated together with the globalization of the market.
Unser the above situation, the role of the exploitation and distribution of the intellectual property functioned in the company’s strategy will become expanding.

Excellent technology and intellectual property must be powerful weapon.
For the purpose of the above, we believe that it is necessary to effectively exploit the intellectual property of the client.

We analyze in highly precise manner the situation about the intellectual property owned by the client through the newest IT technology.
Furthermore, we propose the intellectual property consulting closely attached to the position of the client.
We provide the service in perfect manner on regular base so as to reduce the risk at the emergency to the minimum.

We, all members of the company, try by means of total efforts to be the best professional team of the intellectual property in Japan,
which is highly reliable to the client.