Privacy policy

UBIC Patent Partners Inc. recognizes the importance of the private information, and carries out the following efforts to protect the private information:

○UBIC Patent Partners Inc. places the chief administrator in the department to handle the information in relation to the individual client and manages in appropriate manner.

○In the case when the private information of the client is obtained, the object of the use is limited, the corresponding department of the company is clearly shown, and the private information only within a range necessary to operate is obtained.

○The private information obtained by the client is never disclosed and provided to the third party. However, it may be the case that the private information is to be disclosed without the approval of the client when requested to disclose by the public organization such as the court, police or the like or subject to the law.

○There may be a case that the information likely favorable to the client is sent by the company through E-mail, postage or the like based on the private information provided by the client. If the client does not desire the above described information, please let us know so that the information can be stopped sending.

○When the client desires to refer to or modify the private information, please contact the company so that a quick response is possible.

○For the management of handling the private information provided by the client, we comply with the laws, rules applied in relation to the owned private information, and appropriately review and improve the management of handling the private information.

July 1, 2012
UBIC Patent Partners Inc.
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