Intercept Patent Service ~Patent search Service~

We find and show your competitor’s patent that may be a threat, and eliminate the risk of infringement.
We extract technical literatures which may invalidate your competitor’s patents that can cause difficult problems in your business.
We also offer useful information to develop novel inventions that you can grant patent rights in your business.

  • Technical Trends

    Visualize each company’s status of acquiring patents for each technical category.

  • Prior Art

    Survey prior arts before filing to improve the quality of patent applications.

  • Patentpia*

    Find invalid information using our unique patent analysis tool.

  • Invalidity

    Find prior art documents which may invalidate competitor’s patents.

  • Clearance

    Upon developing of a new product, survey whether there is a relation with a competitor’s patent or not.

Exemplary Result of Search Using Patentpia*

* For more information please refer to “US Patent Analysis Tool”.