Weapon Patent Service ~IP rights enforcement support~

This service shows/visualizes whether your “sleeping patents” can be practically used or not.
Patentpia* helps to extract patents that can be practically used from patent groups held by the client and proposes ways to use such patents within 5 minutes.
We also provide support in negotiations by assigning an attorney in accordance with technical field or amount of money.

Flow of the service

Evaluate Possessed Patents

Evaluate the value of your patents using Patentpia*
Choose companies against which the client may enforce his/her right.

Match Patent and Product

Create a claim chart by matching candidate patent and competitor’s product. Visualize a patent which can enforce a right.

Choose Attorney

Choose an attorney that satisfies the client’s needs using attorney network established.

Start Negotiation

Offer correspondence service to assist the attorney and client to have good communication.

* For more information please refer to “US Patent Analysis Tool”.