Hajime Shirasaka CEO

Raised in Osaka, graduated from the National Defense Academy Department of Science and Engineering in 1977.
Completed a graduate course in Environmental Information Science at Yokohama National University, conducted research into machine learning based information processing, and was employed at Fuji Film Holdings Corporation for eight years.
Commissioner for the state examination Intellectual Property Management Skills Test.
Established Shirasaka International Patent Office (currently Shirasaka & Patent Partners) while acting as president of an American NASDAQ listed big data analysis company.
Established GoldIP Inc. in 2015.

三上 崇志

Takashi Mikami  CTO     

After completing undergraduate and graduate programs at Kyoto University, joined Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, conducting various research into text mining, car navigation systems, echo cancelers, and more.
Recognized as a super creator by Information-technology Promotion Agency in 2010.
After entrepreneurial, planning, development, management of SNS, application and game application etc.
leading project of the software development of the communication robot Sota at Vstone Co., Ltd.

中島 太郎

Taro Nakajima  CFO     

After graduating from college of Sociology, Rikkyo University, engaged in corporate sales at a securities firm.
Chuo-Aoyama Audit Corporation and Tohmatsu Audit Corporation for supporting IPO and statutory audit work as well as FAS and lecturer.
Established Nakajima Certified Public Accountant and supporting IPO firm and Boarded as Directors of Vston Co., Ltd.
Certified Public Accountant at 2005.

播磨 里江子

Eriko Harima COO

After graduating from the industrial engineering program at Keio University Department of Science and Engineering, entered the Keio University School of Science and Engineering graduate program in open environmental science, specializing in open system management.
A great lover of musicals, became interested in intellectual property through involvement in copyright and author's rights business.
As an elementary school student, learned about patents after seeing tetrapods on the shore, and obtained a patent attorney qualification while in school.
ensing the importance of intellectual property activities in Japan, conducted research on technological distance based patent evaluation indicators.
Currently a partner attorney for patent professional corporation Shirasaka and director of GoldIP Inc.

城 浩二

Koji Shiro Full-time auditor

Graduated from the National Defense Academy School of Mechanical Engineering, going on to work as a semiconductor manufacturing plant and director of the Yasu Research Institute at IBM Japan, and director of American company Intel Corporation.
Has held various positions as a country manager of development and manufacturing technology and outsourcing.
Visiting professor of International Technology Management at Tokyo City University.


Yumiko Nishimura  Outside director

After graduating from the graduate school of Ochanomizu University as well as working at Ochanomizu University as an assistant professor, Moved to the United States in 1989.
Worked at Stanford University Asia Pacific Research Institute since 1991.
Became independant as a producer / consultant to the present since 2004.
living in Silicon Valley, USA.


Akihiko Fujieda  Outside director

SPARX Asset Management Co., Ltd.                                 

6 Directors (including 2 Outside Directors) 8 Employees